Thursday, September 9, 2010

Support Our Technology Access Program

The Dominican House of Hazleton, Inc. depends upon the tremendous support we receive from organizations and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways by volunteering, donating equipment, and through generous financial contributions.

The Dominican House of Hazleton, Inc. is a community center and self-paced learning studio. Community members of all ages use our services, we are looking to build a computer room to allow people to work on resumes and complete homework assignments.

The Computer Room will also allow us to teach more efectively our ESL Program and use it as a lab. I will also be used as a classroom to teach people to utilize everyday technology; everything from surfing the web to bookkeeping, look for jobs, create their own emails and blogs, type a letter, learn how to build websites and everything we take for granted, maybe because we have computers at home.

If you are interested in donating software, computer hardware, or other equipment, please send e-mail to 

Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure to handle donations of old or non-functioning computers and printing equipment.

The Dominican House of Hazleton, Inc. is always happy to receive donations.

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